My dear friend, rosaline, is a not only a survivor but also a warrior.

She is beyond beautiful on the inside and out. I mean seriously she used to be runway model!

We can only hope her story will make some of you think of yourselves and loved ones.

BE have one life and you deserve the very best.

My Journey.......

I was prone to breast cysts, beginning in my twenties.

Fast forward to my late forties. I had a cyst that was being monitored for at least three years.

I was misdiagnosed, it was not a cyst, but a mass.

My breast cancer journey began at that moment. I had no symptoms, other than the “cyst”, which could not be felt, only seen via, mammogram, ultrasound and ultimately, MRI. The following biopsy confirmed it was cancer, culminating in my Bi-Lateral mastectomy. I chose to have a Bi-Lateral mastectomy, even though only one breast was affected. Pathology results of the tissue taken from the healthy breast, after surgery, confirmed cancer cells. Had I not opted for a Bi-Lateral at that time, I would have most likely had to endure the same process in the future.

I celebrated five years cancer free, just this May.

Be vigilant, be informed, ask questions. Surround yourself with loved ones, great medical practitioners and a motivated spirit.

I wish many blessings for anyone who has gone through or is going through this journey. #WARRIOR

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