What you ask is a #WarriorSession .....

This is A passion I have decided to pursue with my photography career.

I have always wanted to help others, and I have finally found a way that makes me happy.

I have watched so many family members and friends go through ......... and come out a survivor! I can say I have learned from each and every one of their stories and I feel that not only by them being a survivor but also a warrior. To me a warrior is someone who has overcame major obstacles and survived.....it could be cancer, it could be addiction, it could be self harm, it could be anything in which you have suffered and came out a survivor.

So the creation of #Warrior.Sessions is a way of helping spread awareness. These sessions cannot be possible unless those of you who have survived are willing to share your story for others to learn from. And if you have scars you would like to show them off I would love to photograph them for you!

I feel photography can be a learning tool and together you and I can help teach others.

The purpose of these sessions is to raise awareness

and hopefully someone will benefit from your story.