Lisa Campbell Photography | Mermaid Matilda

Mermaid Matilda

I would have to say one thing little girls love these days is mermaids,

and how much fun it is to let them pretend to be one!

I cannot even explain the excitement to see Matilda's face when she put the mermaid tail on.

It is not even describable in let me just show you!

Just mermaids do.

The day we were at the creek it was cold so she couldn't really get in the water but watching her splash just filled her face with delight.

Lets not forget we had to take time out to talk to the other mermaids on the 'shell phone'

Until next time Mermaid Matilda is saying goodbye! :)

Hoping other little girls enjoy it as much as Matilda did I will be hosting very limited sessions August 2016

Stay tuned for more details.......