Lisa Campbell Photography | Summer Night Snacks

Summer Night Snacks

What a perfect end to a summer day

than a S'more by the campfire!!!!


Since summer is officially here I thought I would share with you this little secret to making

simple and delicious S'mores.

Let me say this is not my invention....but thanks to Pinterest I found this fabulous idea!


Our family is in love with how easy and fast they are to make, and they only take 2 ingredients.

The best part of the setup is it's quick.


Please don't judge my stopping at Dollar General today to get my S'mores supplies.

$2 worth of food will make 8 S'mores!


You just need two items: marshmallows and chocolate covered graham crackers.

(Totally takes the mess away from handling a candy bar).

You can also add your favorite candy bar to these.....but there is already plenty of chocolate!

Totally delicious - ENJOY!!!


If you have any fabulous family S'more recipe feel free to share them. I love trying new things.