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Baby Girl Norah

Introducing Baby Norah!!!!!



I had the pleasure of meeting Baby Norah through The Tiny Footprint Project.

You may be asking yourself what is The Tiny Footprint Project......well let me explain.

It is a group of photographers who have volunteered their time and services free of charge to parents of premature babies living in the NICU. The photographer travels to the hospital and works with the family to help capture those earliest moments, they then return home and edit those images and happily hand them over to the family to cherish forever.



After talking with Tiffany, Norah's Mom, I met them up at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital in the NICU. 

Norah was born in April 2014 at 24 weeks. She weighed in at 1 pound and 1.9 ounces and was just 11.5 inches long. When she was only 6 days old (and weighing under 1 pound) she had surgery for is a condition that preemies sometimes have where they undergo surgery on their bowels. So if you look closely you can see her battle scar :)


Norah has spent the last four months in the NICU growing strong. It was such a sight to see when the nurses were helping dress her she would smile every time they talked to her. You can see in the pictures below how cute her personality is. One of her nurses was saying "Norah now you know my secrets you gotta keep them safe, no telling." And as she was saying that Norah looked up at her and then covered her little mouth. 



The day I took these pictures Norah was celebrating her 4 month birthday!

And she now weighs in just over 6 pounds.

Recently I chatted with Tiffany and she said that they just diagnosed Norah with pulmonary hypertension......which is abnormally high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs and makes the heart work harder than normal.

So this little girl may be in the hospital for a little longer than planned. Maybe for the next 6 keep your fingers crossed she gets to come home much sooner.

I have a feeling her big brother is wanting to show her the ropes at home.



Tiffany said she is very proud of her little amazing girl! And this I must say is one of the strongest Moms I have ever met.   

I look forward to seeing Norah grow up and seeing that cute little smile again :)


And if you know someone who can benefit from The Tiny Footprint Project please get the word out. It is an amazing group of photographers who do nothing more than capture the beauty in these little babies. You can always click on the picture I have linked it to their website. Or you may message me and I can get you more information as well.



And photographers if this sounds like something you would be interested in also please contact them. They are always looking for additional photographers to join.

(And I would love it of now there is only one other photographer in the state of Iowa.)



Lisa Campbell