Lisa Campbell Photography | When there is hope.

When there is hope.

I would like to introduce a very special client I just had the privilege of meeting, her name is Katie.  She is very quiet and slow to get to know you, but she has a heart of gold.  

It took an old family friend stopping by to help coax some of these smiles out of Katie......

but I think it was worth it.

Katie was born with a condition called Phalen-McDermid Syndrome. Like other autism-related syndrome this condition causes poor muscle tone and delayed speech. On the day of our shoot Katie brought "Puppy" to her session.

She focused mostly on her but still managed to squeeze out a few smiles my way.

Than in July of 2013 after just getting home from a family vacation Katie became ill and her mother took her to the doctor thinking it was the flu. After some testing Katie and her family found out she has Acute Lymphosblastic Lukemia (ALL). 

Katie is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Katie's mom was told by a friend about an organization that I am part of The Gold Hope Project, they offer portrait sessions for pediatric cancer patients and survivors.

Unfortunately with it being the holidays they have closed the application process.

After hearing Katie's story I knew this was a family I would love to meet and invited them into my home to meet all of them and offer to take Katie's pictures.


I would have to say Katie is one adorable teenager who has a wonderful sense of style!