Lisa Campbell Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lisa Campbell Photography (Lisa Campbell Photography) Thu, 28 Jul 2016 15:26:00 GMT Thu, 28 Jul 2016 15:26:00 GMT Lisa Campbell Photography: Blog 94 120 Schroeder Sisters I love getting the opportunity to photograph this family!

Both these sisters are celebrating!

Brinley is 6 years old, and such a sweet little girl.

And Adlee is 6 months old already and smiling all the time!!!

Friends come and go but sisters are forever!


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Mermaid Matilda I would have to say one thing little girls love these days is mermaids,

and how much fun it is to let them pretend to be one!

I cannot even explain the excitement to see Matilda's face when she put the mermaid tail on.

It is not even describable in let me just show you!

Just mermaids do.

The day we were at the creek it was cold so she couldn't really get in the water but watching her splash just filled her face with delight.

Lets not forget we had to take time out to talk to the other mermaids on the 'shell phone'

Until next time Mermaid Matilda is saying goodbye! :)

Hoping other little girls enjoy it as much as Matilda did I will be hosting very limited sessions August 2016

Stay tuned for more details.......

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Schroeder Family On a gloomy March day this lovely family came to visit for a couple of family pictures

showing their Green Bay spirit!

Weston was celebrating his 3rd birthday....complete with airplanes.

And Adlee is celebrating 3 months.....look at all that hair!!!

I look forward to seeing these little friends more this year.


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That Dress Oh My! Last fall I was taking pictures of my dear friend and her family, I had to ask Emily to bring along her Homecoming dress....and this is why.

OH MY!!!!!

How can you not photograph a dress like this.....and it gives her and I both a little practice for senior pictures coming up!

Seriously why didn't we have beautiful dresses like this when I was in high school.

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Twins! The sweet Ava and Zoe.

They have the sweet personality of their mother, whom I have known since we were these sweet girls age.


At first the girls were all smiles, then I asked them to be serious and oh my goodness look at these beauties. Let's all be honest, we all love to see our children smiling in pictures.....but in reality most children are not walking around smiling all the time. It is nice to see their true facial expressions in pictures. It helps to document this time in their lives.

Thank you girls, you are both absolutely stunning!!!


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Summer Night Snacks What a perfect end to a summer day

than a S'more by the campfire!!!!


Since summer is officially here I thought I would share with you this little secret to making

simple and delicious S'mores.

Let me say this is not my invention....but thanks to Pinterest I found this fabulous idea!


Our family is in love with how easy and fast they are to make, and they only take 2 ingredients.

The best part of the setup is it's quick.


Please don't judge my stopping at Dollar General today to get my S'mores supplies.

$2 worth of food will make 8 S'mores!


You just need two items: marshmallows and chocolate covered graham crackers.

(Totally takes the mess away from handling a candy bar).

You can also add your favorite candy bar to these.....but there is already plenty of chocolate!

Totally delicious - ENJOY!!!


If you have any fabulous family S'more recipe feel free to share them. I love trying new things.


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Elora Turns 1!!! Elora Turns 1 !!!


Elora had the sweetest smile on her face the whole time we were together.

She even enjoyed sharing her cake with big furry brother Henry.



And don't forget that her big sister came with the best Batgirl costume I have ever seen!





Don't let these moments slip by without capturing them forever!

Interested in a session? Contact me and lets talk!



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Jake is 3! Jake is 3 !!!


This guy is my new best friend! 

Jake has the sweetest smile and when he was over taking pictures the funny faces started flying away. 



Watch out!!!! Dirt bike coming at you.


And do not forget these adorable faces!!!




Don't let these moments slip by without capturing them!

Interested in a session? Contact me and lets talk!

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Annie Turns 1! Sweet Annie Turns 1!

A day with Annie and nothing but smiles.

I am in love with all these banners that Annie's mom and grandma made for her birthday. She also had the cutest matching shirt and tutu also.

And a one year session is not complete without a cake smash!

This may be my favorite of Annie from that day, she is just too cute resting her head on her cake and smiling!!!

And that is a wrap, the cake has been smashed and now it is time to clean up!

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Spring Mini Sessions Spring Mini Sessions

March 21-22, 2015


How egg-citing my first year of spring mini sessions with baby chicks!!!

15 Minute Sessions




$75- 7 Digital Files

$50- 5 Digital Files

2 children per session (each additional $10)

Book your session today!!!!!!

There is a $25 deposit that is required to book your session, the remainder will be due at the beginning of your session.

Mini sessions will be held at the Scott County Library in Eldridge Iowa (Meeting Room)

On the day of your session please arrive about 10 minutes early, we have a very limited time together and it is important to stay on schedule.

Click here to book your session today!!!


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Baby Girl Norah Introducing Baby Norah!!!!!



I had the pleasure of meeting Baby Norah through The Tiny Footprint Project.

You may be asking yourself what is The Tiny Footprint Project......well let me explain.

It is a group of photographers who have volunteered their time and services free of charge to parents of premature babies living in the NICU. The photographer travels to the hospital and works with the family to help capture those earliest moments, they then return home and edit those images and happily hand them over to the family to cherish forever.



After talking with Tiffany, Norah's Mom, I met them up at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital in the NICU. 

Norah was born in April 2014 at 24 weeks. She weighed in at 1 pound and 1.9 ounces and was just 11.5 inches long. When she was only 6 days old (and weighing under 1 pound) she had surgery for is a condition that preemies sometimes have where they undergo surgery on their bowels. So if you look closely you can see her battle scar :)


Norah has spent the last four months in the NICU growing strong. It was such a sight to see when the nurses were helping dress her she would smile every time they talked to her. You can see in the pictures below how cute her personality is. One of her nurses was saying "Norah now you know my secrets you gotta keep them safe, no telling." And as she was saying that Norah looked up at her and then covered her little mouth. 



The day I took these pictures Norah was celebrating her 4 month birthday!

And she now weighs in just over 6 pounds.

Recently I chatted with Tiffany and she said that they just diagnosed Norah with pulmonary hypertension......which is abnormally high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs and makes the heart work harder than normal.

So this little girl may be in the hospital for a little longer than planned. Maybe for the next 6 keep your fingers crossed she gets to come home much sooner.

I have a feeling her big brother is wanting to show her the ropes at home.



Tiffany said she is very proud of her little amazing girl! And this I must say is one of the strongest Moms I have ever met.   

I look forward to seeing Norah grow up and seeing that cute little smile again :)


And if you know someone who can benefit from The Tiny Footprint Project please get the word out. It is an amazing group of photographers who do nothing more than capture the beauty in these little babies. You can always click on the picture I have linked it to their website. Or you may message me and I can get you more information as well.



And photographers if this sounds like something you would be interested in also please contact them. They are always looking for additional photographers to join.

(And I would love it of now there is only one other photographer in the state of Iowa.)



Lisa Campbell

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Miss Sophia's First Year Miss Sophia is absolutely adorable. She spent her first year with a smile on her face every time I saw her.

She was also a graduate of 'My Milestone' package this year.



She is just a doll and from the quiet little newborn until the 1 year old she was just the little quiet girl who always has a smile on her face when I see her. 

Newborn,3 months, 6 months


9 months, and 1 year


And then there is the cake smash!!!!!



What a total sweetheart! 

And don't forget what a good sport, its not everyday that Mom puts you in a pumpkin!!!



I look forward to seeing Sophia in her yearly family pictures!!!


Want to learn more about My Milestones package click HERE

Let's get you booked for your session today!!!  :)

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Momma to Be!!!!


My dear friend is about to bring a little one into the world this fall and when she came to visit I knew taking pictures was an opportunity we could not pass up.

Unfortunately we only had a few minutes to sneak away so we had to leave her husband at home....but next time we will be getting him in on the action.


A mothers joy begins when new life is stirring inside,

when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the first time,

and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone!


The one and only day we had to take pictures it rained all day, so we took the shoot indoors.


There is nothing more precious than the love of a big brother already!




A woman has a beauty when she is pregnant that cannot be replaced, she is glowing and this is a time in her life that needs to be captured in photographs for years to come.


I cannot wait to meet this little guy when he makes his debut this fall.


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Mr. Weston's First Year! Mr. Weston was a pleasure to meet and watch him grow during his first year! 

He was even the first graduate of my "My Milestones" package.


I got to know the little guy well before he made his debut into the world. His lovely Mama and big sister came to visit me every month from 5 months pregnant until birth so we could document his rapid growth.



After Weston was born I was able to watch him grow through photographs over the next year.


Newborn, 3 months, 6 months.....



9 months, and 1 year....



And do not forget the best part of it all.

The cake smash!!!!



Oh goodness and this little guy was so much fun. He loved kicking his heels up and getting

his toes in the cake.


I had so much fun watching Weston grow up over the past year and I cannot wait to see his as he grows up into a cute little toddler.


Want to learn more about my "My Milestones" package click HERE.

Let's get you booked for your session today :) 

-Lisa Campbell

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What to wear for family pictures.  

Late summer and fall are the most popular times of the year for family pictures, so now is the time to get those scheduled and have the date secured!


Now that the easy part is done, the hard part begins.......WHAT DO WE WEAR????



Pick a color scheme that will go great in your home. 

Decide which room of your home your photos will be displayed and start with a color that will look great in that room. 

Family Pictures What to Wear by thelifeoftheparty


Now its time to pick out the outfits.

One outfit should be the main focus of the family, and that typically is Mom. So Mom go knock your socks off and pick out your fabulous outfit, accessories included and then start choosing the rest of the family to match.


Family Pictures What To Wear by thelifeoftheparty


Next add in a small pattern and complimentary colors.

You do not want everyone to look the same, so add other outfits that have some of the main color in them. You are trying to keep it simple, you do not want a bunch of different patterns. And you definitely do not want to try to make your outfits compete with each other. 


Family Pictures What To Wear by thelifeoftheparty


Finally Keep it Simple!!!

Your pictures are a reflection of your family. These will be on your walls for years to come so try to pick outfits that reflect your personality, and most importantly something you are comfortable in


Remember......Your goal is to coordinate, not match.

So start out by laying your outfits on the bed and try different combinations to see what you like best. And definitely try them on before the day of your session :)


More ideas can be found here on my PINTEREST BOARD.


Now that we have that out of the way and you are deciding what outfits to wear lets get that session booked.


And the best news of all, for all family sessions that are booked in the month of will receive 8 digital images with your session.


So if you have been holding out now is the time to book your family session!!!


Contact me today and lets talk!!!



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Lynn & Cory wed in Florida! A beautiful day started out in Florida as a blushing bride gets ready to marry the man of her dreams!




All the little details.....



Lynn and her friends worked hard at making all the beautiful decorations in Illinois, not to mention the two cakes were also made in Illinois. It all made it safely to Florida







For those of you who know Lynn, you know she loves her cell phone.

So when it was time to get a siblings picture her brothers all got on their cell phones.

Needless to say you can tell by the expression on Lynn's face that she had no idea!



And, we did get a good one!



The whole bridal party was full of personality and having a blast!!!!



But at the end of the day, as the sunset. Lynn and Cory had a beautiful ceremony

and celebrated late into the night with family and friends.


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SuperHero Mini Sessions! Superheros with their favorite mask and cape!




Every little child loves superheros!!!



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Sophia....already 9 months I cannot believe little Sophia is already 9 months old! 
She is the highlight of my day when all she does is smile from ear to ear!!!!!

And no photo shoot is complete without baby drool!

And my favorite with little Sophia......

I am looking forward to this little girl's one year session, it has been wonderful watching her grow up this year!


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When there is hope. I would like to introduce a very special client I just had the privilege of meeting, her name is Katie.  She is very quiet and slow to get to know you, but she has a heart of gold.  

It took an old family friend stopping by to help coax some of these smiles out of Katie......

but I think it was worth it.

Katie was born with a condition called Phalen-McDermid Syndrome. Like other autism-related syndrome this condition causes poor muscle tone and delayed speech. On the day of our shoot Katie brought "Puppy" to her session.

She focused mostly on her but still managed to squeeze out a few smiles my way.

Than in July of 2013 after just getting home from a family vacation Katie became ill and her mother took her to the doctor thinking it was the flu. After some testing Katie and her family found out she has Acute Lymphosblastic Lukemia (ALL). 

Katie is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Katie's mom was told by a friend about an organization that I am part of The Gold Hope Project, they offer portrait sessions for pediatric cancer patients and survivors.

Unfortunately with it being the holidays they have closed the application process.

After hearing Katie's story I knew this was a family I would love to meet and invited them into my home to meet all of them and offer to take Katie's pictures.


I would have to say Katie is one adorable teenager who has a wonderful sense of style!




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Christmas is Here Jen and Tristan invited me to their home for some fun Christmas pictures!

And let me tell you these two little ones are total hams!!!



And this is what you get when you tell them to give Santa the mad face!

You guys are the best and I can't wait to hear how your holidays went!


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