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Schroeder Sisters

I love getting the opportunity to photograph this family! Both these sisters are celebrating! Brinley is 6 years old, and such a sweet little girl. And Adlee is 6 months old already and smiling all the time!!! Friends come and go but sisters are forever!
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Mermaid Matilda

I would have to say one thing little girls love these days is mermaids, and how much fun it is to let them pretend to be one! I cannot even explain the excitement to see Matilda's face when she put the mermaid tail on. It is not even describable in let me just show you! Just mermaids do. The day we were at t...
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Schroeder Family

On a gloomy March day this lovely family came to visit for a couple of family pictures showing their Green Bay spirit! Weston was celebrating his 3rd birthday....complete with airplanes. And Adlee is celebrating 3 months.....look at all that hair!!! I look forward to seeing these little friends more this year.
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That Dress Oh My!

Last fall I was taking pictures of my dear friend and her family, I had to ask Emily to bring along her Homecoming dress....and this is why. OH MY!!!!! How can you not photograph a dress like this.....and it gives her and I both a little practice for senior pictures coming up! Seriously why didn't we have beautiful dresses like this when I was...
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The sweet Ava and Zoe. They have the sweet personality of their mother, whom I have known since we were these sweet girls age. At first the girls were all smiles, then I asked them to be serious and oh my goodness look at these beauties. Let's all be honest, we all love to see our children smiling in pictures.....but in reality most childre...
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Summer Night Snacks

What a perfect end to a summer day than a S'more by the campfire!!!! Since summer is officially here I thought I would share with you this little secret to making simple and delicious S'mores. Let me say this is not my invention....but thanks to Pinterest I found this fabulous idea! Our family is in love with how easy and fast they are to...
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Elora Turns 1!!!

Elora Turns 1!!! Elora had the sweetest smile on her face the whole time we were together. She even enjoyed sharing her cake with big furry brother Henry. And don't forget that her big sister came with the best Batgirl costume I have ever seen! Yummm!!!! Don't let these moments slip by without capturing them forever! Interes...
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